Career Opportunities

Computer Systems Analyst(Job Code#002301)

Deadline to apply: 07/24/2023

·   Analyzing user requirements, procedures, and common functionality errors to automate processing or to improve existing computer systems;

·   Maintaining, building and operating Splunk indexers, forwarders and search heads to implement a validated Architecture to empower in designing and deploying Splunk more confidently;

·   Developing methodologies and performing upgrades for Splunk technology add-ons and applications;

·   Analyzing the critical end-to-end process for prioritization to be moved into Operational environments, and performing program testing and analysis on regular bases;

·   Writing detailed descriptions of user needs, program and product functions, and steps required to develop or modify computer programs;

·   Planning and preparing technical reports, memoranda, and instructional manuals as documentation of program development, thus ensuring end-user understanding;

·   Identifying, monitoring and fixing performance and quality bottlenecks from test stack;

·   Providing assistance to other team members with Splunk issues and participate in Security incident investigations when required;

·   Creating and maintaining production level dashboards for incident response and information security leadership;

·   Building deployment tools to maximize speed and frequency of releases; and

·   Expanding our internal developer tools and documenting to identify sources of problems to determine next possible solutions.

Please send your updated resume along with references to: