Our product, known simply as "Hawk," utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and big data analytics to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time. By analyzing the behavior of users and entities on a network, Hawk is able to identify suspicious activity and anomalies that indicate a potential threat, providing actionable intelligence for security teams to investigate and mitigate.

But Hawk doesn't stop there. In addition to UEBA capabilities, our tool also offers a comprehensive view of your security landscape by integrating and analyzing data from various sources such as network traffic, logs, or endpoint data to detect security incidents, vulnerabilities, and other security-related anomalies or events. This makes Hawk a one-stop shop for all your cybersecurity needs, providing you with a holistic view of the security posture of your organization.

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and understand the information being presented, allowing security teams to quickly and efficiently investigate and respond to incidents. Plus, Hawk's automated incident response capabilities, allows you to take action on potential threats as soon as they are detected.

At DataBrew, we understand the constantly evolving threat landscape and the importance of staying one step ahead. That's why we are committed to constantly updating and improving our product, ensuring that our customers have the most advanced cybersecurity technology at their disposal.

Don't leave your cybersecurity to chance. DataBrew to keep your organization safe and secure. Contact us to schedule a demonstration and see the power of Hawk for yourself.